A you riding the light wave?

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What is behind the unmasked you and what is within the living consciousness?

Some (spiritual) teachers speak about the purpose. Other representitive find other words for the way to your inside. Finding your essence in what you are balances your inner nature. It is your purpose to get there and from there – the inner you – into the outa world. In reference to the law of nature in the outside you see the inside.

Are you aware of what nature is doing? Heat, freak waves, storms, earthquakes, fires. Nature shows us our inner situation. Outa nature will balance within when people live more and more their inner nature.

What does it mean? To be. To be in everything you are. Maybe you still carry past and you still act in roles and behavioristic patterns. With a mask covering storms, earthquakes and fires. All of this is you. The way of acceptance and awaking shows you what you need to see, to hear, to know.

This process is already written down with different words, with different angles and perspectives, with different concepts. People know about it since 1000s and 1000s of years. They used archetypes, symbols, gods, goddess, stories, religion to maintain the purpose, to incarnate their ways to achieve inner nature within you. All those Rumis, Tolles, Sadhgurus, Oshos, Buddhas, Tao Te Kings, Konfuzios, Jesuses, Allahs walk(ed) on that path. They repeat for the present time, for the moment.

So nothing is new? These concepts and ways are betrayed and misused. And so are you. Now it is time to follow the gurus and buddhas within us. Now it is time to go unique and individual paths in this related and collective un-consciousness. Now it is time to arise out of it and to get part of the true consciousness which is called love, peace, happiness, bliss, satisfaction, freedom and others.

In there is the base, the ground, ground zero, the connectivity to everything. On that ground you are an observer of everything and everyone reaching you directly and indirectly, in this dimension and in others. But still it is not it. It is more and less in the same. Further you give up to be a part of ground zero. You feel and you know you are the woven matrix. Here everything is free from influence and concepts.

Nirvana without death. And with death. Your ego dies. In your mind no one speaks to you, no one tells you what to do and how to do. The voice in your head is turned off. Your body is just an illusion and loses its restricted matter. The creation is right here and you are within. Here is more. A peaceful emptiness. Pure light. And the unknown where light expanses within.

You travel with the speed of light and you feel expended in the endless, eternal unknown. You touch everything that is touched by light. There is nothing more to see or to feel. Just light, golden, yellow, white. Nothing is manifested. And no other energy flows through. On a wave the information is consciousness in its wide spectrum. And you awake into the different frequencies of this spectrum.

Joy of being. Joy of being life. Joy of being universal.

Coming back into this dimension where light is missing in the darkness, you are able to work with light. It is in you, goes through you because you are within. In the formed and manifested matter you lose light, of course. Light is in space and travels through it but less in particles.

You can inhale light and liberate your body from darkness. Light will be your body as well. Space will be your body. This expanding universe, this travelling light. You bring the light into matter. Here you are going to live your purpose as a unified and complete being.

Light at is maximum in yourself is your maximal power. Your essence and your body move on this eternal wave. A dolphin rides the waves in the ocean, a net of liquid intelligence moving towards the edges and expanding in a hidden rhythm. Only those who ride within are able to listen and to feel this rhythm.

Joy in matter. Joy in body. Joy in heart.

Are you walking in this ever present wholeness? More and more people in the age of Aquarius experience and live light, purpose and inner nature. They walk and act within the buddhist idea of the Heart Sutra.

The Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore

Avalokiteshvara while practicing deeply with the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore, suddenly discovered that all of the five Skandhas are equally empty, and with this realisation he overcame all Ill-being.

Listen Sariputra, this Body itself is Emptiness and Emptiness itself is this Body. This Body is not other than Emptiness and Emptiness is not other than this Body. The same is true of Feelings, Perceptions, Mental Formations, and Consciousness.

Listen Sariputra, all phenomena bear the mark of Emptiness; their true nature is the nature of no Birth no Death, no Being no Non-being, no Defilement no Purity, no Increasing no Decreasing.

That is why in Emptiness, Body, Feelings, Perceptions, Mental Formations and Consciousness are not separate self entities.

The Eighteen Realms of Phenomena which are the six Sense Organs, the six Sense Objects, and the six Consciousnesses are also not separate self entities.

The Twelve Links of Interdependent Arising and their Extinction are also not separate self entities. Ill-being, the Causes of Ill-being, the End of Ill-being, the Path, insight and attainment, are also not separate self entities.

Whoever can see this no longer needs anything to attain.

Bodhisattvas who practice the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore see no more obstacles in their mind, and because there are no more obstacles in their mind, they can overcome all fear, destroy all wrong perceptions and realize Perfect Nirvana.

All Buddhas in the past, present and future by practicing the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore are all capable of attaining Authentic and Perfect Enlightenment.

Therefore Sariputra, it should be known that the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore is a Great Mantra, the most illuminating mantra, the highest mantra, a mantra beyond compare, the True Wisdom that has the power to put an end to all kinds of suffering. Therefore let us proclaim a mantra to praise the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore.

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha! Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha! Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!”

(The Heart Sutra retranslated by Thich Nhad Hanh, Plumvillage, PDF with comments)

Finally, what is new about it? We shift the collective consciousness. We make a change. We find new solutions. Our creativity is unlimited. We create a new reality. We give up selfish beliefs and the egoistic I. I becomes essence and inner truth in your unique way. Inner nature is balanced and fully accepted. The heart speaks and acts in its truth.

In a mass movement we shift from egoistic patterns and abuse of power to free and gentle togetherness in this vibrant net of universal language and harmony. We purify and liberate old habits and (biological or social) structures from their redundant stickiness till emptiness.

We raise awareness, light and space not just in ourselves. We expand and we bring it down to matter. We grow in holistic rings to transcend and integrate ring by ring a higher consciousness into higher, lower and wider space. We do not hide anymore because we walk amongst.

Just by being. Just by being inner nature. Just by living inner nature.

In the further step we explore the undivided being and non-being. Interactions start to happen more and more in light and through light in space. To live inner nature brings us closer to the other shore, to light, wisdom and soul. Communication, creative exchange and love share will happen in a free space no one can manipulate. This is not an idea or illusion. It is already happening.

With living love,



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