namib desert nowhere

Love is the aim. Love is what we gain.

Is this truth? Is love part of truth?

When emptiness is pulsing and peaceful freedom arises there is what has no name. This is more than you ever felt could be. It is in everything. And while the unspoken is vibrating love is within.

It is in your soul. It is in your mind. It is in your body. It flows through your heart and in the understanding of it you call it love. Maybe you call it happiness or joy or bliss.

Still. Freedom. Still. Peace.

Emptiness is filled with love, a pure light.

Love is every word, love is every sound. In body there it is.

A person touching wood. Inspiration sparkles through the veins and nerves. The man connects and honors the piece of nature. He takes more pieces and starts hammering nails into them. Then he pauses finding a way to put all the pieces together to something his heart it telling him. When he finishes building he doesn’t think about time, doesn’t think about perfection, doesn’t think about the practical aim. He plays in inspirational love.

So he continues sanding the wood, touching it, feeling it, shaping it, loving it. Innocent and pure.

Wood and man met in a vibration. They are tuned in and fusioned. They share true love, true connection. They are one and they will always remind each other. The product of their love is beauty. And people will see.

When emptiness comes down into body, to earth it goes through a channel. The heart. The heart colours the emptiness with its seven layers. Seven colours of the spectrum. Seven chakras. Seven layers of muscles. A pure body, a pure heart colours emotions with pure light.

A pure eye sees people in their truth. A pure ear hears people in their truth. Pure emptiness perceives truth in everything.

Here it is. You and me.

Imagine your heart speaks sadness, fun or rage because it is identified with emotions. How can you see someones truth if you can’t see your own or if you are still occupied by illusions?

In the end it is not about you or me. It is about us as humans and us as beings. It is about nature and earth. The world is us and we are the world. Earth and health and heart go hand in hand and so we do. We go hand in hand with child soldiers and oligarchs, with suffering and manipulation, with fun and exploration. This is the un-consciousness and the filled emptiness we are. This is our heart beat in a pulsing network we create and we change.

The true, pure connections lay beyond occupation and projection. The true you lays beyond projections and influenced illusions. The true you is in all you love, in the freedom of your heart.

So yes, love is what we aim to share in life and to share on earth. Love as its free and unspoken flow. The things you do you share in love. You fusion where you meet. The look into someones eyes, into someones love, in all that is love.

With emptiness we learn to love. With emptiness we create to love. And emptiness is everywhere.



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